Street Furniture and Decoration

Bronze flooring plate and border

We manufacture floor cast bronze plates, with custom dimensions, depicting maps, civic districts denominations or historical information, as well as bronze decorative flooring borders.

Delimitation studs

Studs to mark the outside area of public venues, wherever the City Hall dims it necessary, customized with the city logo.


  • 25/07/2013
We create bronze fountains with custom designs to decorate parks, gardens and other tourist attractions.


This product serves as a delimitation mark for private property or sidewalks in pedestrain zones or to prevent unauthorized parking.

Monument plate

  • 25/07/2013
Custom sized plates for historical or memorial monuments, also used as street decorations in cities' entry points or roundabouts to welcome visitors.

Buildings numbers

Elegant bronze plates for building numbers in locations of historical interest or to decorate buildings in newer neighborhoods.


Bronze plates with embossed letters for monuments, sacred places, public or private buildings, offices or professional ateliers.


Suited for street decoration in historical or tourist locations wherever sewer covering is needed.