Care for details, wide range of products and variety of finishings demonstrate the reliability of a Company which has always been operating at the highest levels of professionalism.

Il Controllo qualità

Our main target is customer satisfaction. This is the reason why every production stage is constantly and strictly controlled in order to guarantee a high quality product.

Every operator is responsible for the work done by the previous department in the production line; thus, possible defects are immediately noticed without waste of time or resources. At the end of the production process, Quality Control carries out random inspections on the pieces before they are packed and stored.

Il Reparto Verniciatura

Each item produced by Biondan is coated with several layers of varnish. Varnishing of small objects is made by means of robotic equipment where the pieces go through paint booths and high temperature ovens in order for the paint to adhere to the bronze surface.

Larger products, such as statues, are hand painted. This process guarantees a perfect and uniform result even on less smooth surfaces. Final varnishing is particularly important both in order to add prestige, protect from wheathering and enhange durability.

Il magazzino robotizzato Biondan

Quality is important from every point of view at Biondan. This is why we care not only about products, but also about service.

Every item is packed in a box with a sticker on it showing the item's image and barcode.

This makes item identification easier even if already packed and prevents identification mistakes, thanks to barcodes which are continuously computer controlled. Products are stored in an automated robot warehouse.

This allows a swifter handling of orders and error reduction.