Since its discovery, Bronze has been the protagonist of the most important works of art. Today, it is shaped by the wise hand of Biondan's casters. As precious as copper but also as durable as iron, bronze gave our ancestors a new way to hand down art and culture to future generations. The exact same emotions that the casters put in their work four thousands years ago live today: the same tension in their faces, the same precision in their movements, cautious and measured.

The products are created with three different casting methods: lost-wax casting, sand casting and die casting.

Crea Persa


The most ancient and prestigious bronze casting technique. The wax model is covered in refractary material and melted in a furnace, to create the cast that will subsequently be filled by the melted bronze.

The shell, called ''muffola'', is then broken to retrieve the final product. This is a lengthy process with an ancient handcrafting tradition, destined to the production of unique, durable pieces.

Fusione a terra


Sand casting is a special production technique which satisfies both quality and production requirements. Bronze is poured into a special mould made of refractory sand by the effect of gravitational forces. When the bronze solidifies, the mould is broken and the product retrieved.

The items are thus cast in single pieces to which the absence of welding adds prestige and value.

Sand moulds are built by means of machines, which speed up casting.



Die casting allows large-scale production with good quality standards. In this process bronze is poured inside a metal mould, where it solidifies acquiring the exact shape of the mould down to every detail.



Since the company's inception, steel has been our forte. A renowned symbol of durability and immutability, stainless steel is becoming more and more appreciated in recent times.

The articles and the letters are made with INOX AISI 304 and AISI 316 steel microfused steel, mirror polished and enhanced by compact and pure lines. Steel products, with their elegant and modern lines, are guaranteed to last in time.



A unique collection of products which further widens the choice of finishing we provide to our Customers. The pieces in the collection are the prestigious results of an ancient crafting tradition, made with precious 'Limoges' mixture Porcelain.

Each piece is produced through a lengthy and delicate manufacturing process, during which it is maintained in high temperature (1280 °C) ovens for up to three days. The porcelain's opal gloss is highlighted by floreal decals, delicate shades and precious decorations in pure gold, exclusively handmade by expert masters of the Art. The pieces are subsequently baked at 800 °C in order to consolidate the decoration. The results is a unique product, of millenary tradition, destined to last in time thanks to its high quality and subtle classicity of shapes.



The only one in its category with an 8 year warranty. Biondan holds the patent for the Cubic system in the funeral sector.

It is a special decorative film which allows to replicate marble patterns on bronze pieces of innovative design.

For its production, Biondan has chosen three finishings: Verde Alpi, Carrara and Botticino. Every piece produced with the Cubic system is covered by a 8 year warranty.



Elegant finishing obtained through galvanic treatment on mirror polished bronze products.

Every piece is submerged first in a pool of pure nickel and then in a pool of black nickel. With this process the bronze surface acquires a dark shiny tint, which gives the product sobriety and preciousness.



Smooth lines accompany this finishing obtained, similarly to the previous MERCURIO, through galvanic baths. The base product is made of mirror polished bronze which is coated with two layers of pure nickel.

Each piece is then painted with high resistance varnish to guarantee maximum quality in time. The overall effect is very similar to steel surfaces.