The company


From a small garage workshop to more than 56.000 square feet of business activity.

Starting from a small garage workshop in 1956, Biondan has become an major provider to today’s funeral business market.

With over 600,000 sq. ft. of production facilities and numerous subsidiaries and satellite locations around the World, Biondan has met the challenges of this marketplace and has demonstrated its dynamic ability to respond with character and integrity

We retain our artistic and historical values while meeting the market with a modern sensibility

Taking the ancient art of bronze into the 21st Century, Biondan produces products that embody the care, quality and design unique to the funeral industry. Our association with Italian design is world renowned. Our products are manufactured exclusively in Italy and our catalog covers over 7000 memorial and funeral decoration articles. From our founders to today, Biondan is quality and design you can trust.