How Biondan products are made

Un artista Biondan all'opera

Behind every piece created by Biondan are months of research and development. We employ a team of collaborative artists and engineers to design new models and generate new ideas. Each product is carefully developed with constant attention to details. Innovation in design must follow production requirements - we develop products that work!. Therefore designers and technical experts must work together to realize their inspirations in products that are not only beautiful, but dependable and practical. This is one of the secrets of Biondan’s success: beautiful original products, well thought out and made with quality in mind.

Our product selections include articles of Bronze, Steel and reconstituted Marble . Our research centre and artistic staff continually work with materials and production processes to bring innovative finishes and applications to our products. We offer unique results from both the aesthetic and quality point of view… results that can be seen in the array of finishes available: Cubic, Mercurio and Palladio. We don’t just make products, we make precious memories.